EPRI-UAV Seminar 3rd Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Utility Applications Workshop

The Aeriosense team is at EPRI Seminar for Unmanned Aircraft Systems this week, looking to learn and share an experience with other innovators in the electric utility industry. The purpose of the workshop is to keep up to date with the current research, industry tools and case studies for UAS. EPRI provided a forum and facilitates sharing of practices, technologies, experiences and research in the respective field of electric utility operations.

The use of UAS in the utility sector is becoming more prevalent; hence it is important more than ever to make sure the practice of using drones and other UAS’s is safe and reliable. Aeriosense specializes in using its program software that with scripted flight plans to conduct automated drone inspections, thus we appreciate the opportunity to stay current with new trends and receive feedback from the industry.


Content from Aeriosense Technologies

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