How Drone Software Improves BVLOS Inspection of Powerlines

2 min readMay 26, 2022

Aeriosense autonomous drone software takes your BVLOS operations to the next level with advanced mission planning for your inspections while ensuring consistent safety margins and data capture which is critical for Tx and Dx inspection missions.

Our advanced autonomous drone software allows you to plan your BVLOS Transmission line inspections and provides:

1. Pre-planned flight plans by structure and or components, profile patrols, veg management, ROW and conductor patrols.

2. Customize data capture templates/shot sheets based on inspection type in advance of your mission or choose from our extensive library.

3. Automates your UAV to fly autonomously from a distance using our detailed pre-program flight plans which are downloaded to your tablet or laptop.

4. Tracks your mission progress by individual flight leg, structure, span or patrol allowing for concise situational awareness throughout your BVLOS mission with built-in safety margins.

5. Allows for consistent and repeatable data capture at a distance while reducing pilot fatigue.

6. Improves inspection efficiencies allowing for more structures to be inspected in a day.

Our Autonomous Drone Software is adaptable for all types of transmission line inspections including detailed, span, conductor IR with data integration.

Please contact us for more information on how our autonomous software can augment and improve your BVLOS missions.